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model 6400  
Operating range: 0-60 m (200 ft.)
Beam alignment: within 10 arc-s
Beam concentricity: ± 25 µm; (0.001")
Beam diameter: 5 mm
Beam stability: < 0.5 arc-s/hr typ.
Warm-up time: 45 min
Output: 1 mW typ. 

The Model 6400 is used in conjuction with electronic centering detectors for fast, reliable, and accurate checking of linear translation, flatness, and alignment. Stands for the laser and detector provide fine directional adjustments without cross-coupling, as well as sturdy, drift-free support.

For ease of mounting in standard tooling balls, the output laser beam is centered relative to the 2.2496" diameter housing within 0.001", and is parallel to the mechanical housing within 10 arc-seconds. This laser is equipped with a magnetic stand, which permits positive fine adjustment against heavy springs in two orthogonal axes. Simple mounting is facilitated using two permanent magnets with individual on-off switching. Four bolt holes are provided for permanent mounting.

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